We’re please to announce the launch of our first video class from Udemy.com about creativity and brainstorming. In this class, you’ll get over an hour of video content that offers in-depth discussion of the brainstorming and creativity topics. Click here to learn more and get a special discount code. 

What is brainstorming?

“Brainstorming” is a general term for any problem solving technique that is designed to inspire and encourage innovation and creativity. Brainstorm methods cover a variety of formats that can be adapted to large or small groups. They can focus the creative process towards the goal of generating a large volume of lightly developed concepts or fewer, more thought out ideas.

How to plan a brainstorm.

BrainBoltz offers practical , step-by-step guides designed to help you execute an effective brainstorm session. Each brainstorm technique has been tried and validated in a live brainstorming session, so you can feel confident you’re using a creativity tool that works.

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